Hello to everyone, im having trouble in inserting a date like "2012-12-06" into a database mysql, Im using phpmyadmin+wamp and adobe dreamweaver!I want to use 3 textfields, one for the year, other for the month and a last one for the day, but I always get an error by using this


I created 4 variables 3 of them ($field2_date,$field3_date,$field4_date) to get the year,month and day and one ($field_final_date1) to join the other 3 to form this "2012-12-06". I can i do this? I made this code here:

$query = sprintf("insert into despesas_casa values (NULL,'%s','%s','%s','%s','%s','%s','%s','%s')",$_POST['field1'],$_POST[$field_final_date1],$_POST['field5'],$_POST['field6'],$_POST['field7'],$_POST['field8'],$_POST['field9'],$_POST['field10']);

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You don't need to store your data like this. Just store the full date. You can use keywords like MONTH and YEAR to extract those values from a full date in mysql. A 'datepicker' may be a better option for retrieving a date than separate fields. However, if you envisage dates from years and years ago, a datepicker can be somewhat clumsy.

Hello thankyou for replying, i will search for info about using a datepicker! Thanks

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