Hey guys!

I see alot of discussions going on in this community. Well, I am new here. Was just going through random discussion threads and I can see how much efforts goes into all this. Really appreciate.

I have something to ask. I am working on a warehousing/inventory management application with barcode support. I know this is just a vague idea. I don't want any specifics. Anything closer to this should do it. If you came across any such script or web app. Please do post here. It will help me alot.

Thanks alot.

it looks more like a complete app to me, there's a lot to do on both, PHP and (of-your-choice)SQL. My suggest would be these simple steps

* Map data
* set key data (primary, foreign keys, joints, etc)
* tranlate the previous to SQL

* Define variables, classes (perhaps going object oriented is not really necesary)
* Validation (make it correct and safe)
* Database Handle (it would be easier now with the beautiful tables we just do a few steps above)
* Device API (hope there is one in PHP, although I remember, there is a way to include C code inside a php script, I'll check it out later)

Then you go improving.

hope it helps
it sound interesting