i a student doing a degree in computing and information technology in zimbabwean am supporsed to create a project but i need help im what project to create.

what project do you have in mind?

im not sure but a php project connecting to mysql ineed ideas that is why i posted on this forum

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I was going to suggest a timetable app. With data that can be output as iCalendar, XML or even json for importing into GoogleCal, iCal, Outlook, etc.

However, we don't know what the project success criteria are. What features are you expected to include?

features as in programming languages

or features of the project

i like your suggestion dlafol :)

since you want project that connects to a dataabase (preferably MYSQL)
try Online Shopping System? (like Open Cart?) with Social Networking Integration + Payment Gateways + SMS & eMail notifier?

or perhaps dlafol's suggestion :)

the last word is on you bro.


If you are starting out, I would suggest creating a simple blog application. Keep it simple until you get strong in you php coding. A simple blog application will require php and mysql. You can even add jquery to make it more dynamic.

i need something a bit simple coz im not yet perfect coz i want to create a web application but not knowing what kind of application. and the project is supporsed to be in line with the organisation im doing my internship in and im doing my intership at a varsity so um supporsed to create a project that can be used by the istitution.

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timetable'd be perfect then :)

You could do a project tracking system. That should be easy, and could be used with every departement. The tracking system would track you, projects, people working on the projects, updates to the projects, time schedules to the projects, track file information, track user edits, track due dates. It would not be hard to create. This would be something you could use and build on for future projects as well.