Hello all, I'm working with a currently existing custom page bookmarking tool for an application. The application records the last 5 pages viewed and the allows the user to save 5 bookmarks at anytime. And this function works fine. However we have a specific web page that is used for displaying multiple jqgrid reports. Each report category is hidden within a tab, and a specific report is selected using dropdown box within each of these tabs. When the user saves this bookmark we want the specific report to open and the correct category tab to be selected.

To be honest Im a little stuck on how to get this to work. And to add to the dificulty we have the application built on the cakePHP framework (MVC). I thought about using ajax calls, but this would require a call for each specfic action and there are at least 8 reports each using their own specific action within the controller. The overall goal of ours is to keep code as consolidated as possible. So this isn't the best option. I also thought about just trying to set some php variables in the controller and echo'ing them out with javascript functions.

Anyone have any ideas on how this could effectively work?


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I was a big fan of all of these MVC frameworks in the past, but the more I tried to write something based on them, the more time I spent on learning how to get around their restrictions. Unlike CI, the CAKE is not that js friendly, while symfony allows ajax and js integration flawlessly.

Here is a link of a tutorial on how to pass data from the controller to javascript files, and I hope this will help you.

good luck to you.

Thank you veedeoo, not only did that correct my current problem, but this will also make any future javascript/php intergration a lot easier!

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