Thank You for taking your time to read this.

Well, the subject kind of tells it all. I have built an webshop, but would like the order to be place in an text file insted of mysql. This text file has to be in an csv format in order to get parsed by an onther application, and it also has to be in ASCII format.

So is't anyone how has any code ex fot his?

Mattias from Sweden

Well CSV just means that you separate things using commas; but it'll be real hard to be able to read off data from certain rows and manipulate the data in the CSV.

Adding data is not a problem, but reading data from the CSV will be much harder I believe.

What I would suggest is to use MySQL, then use phpMyAdmin to output the table(s) in CSV format ;)

I agree with Gary. In all honesty, any time you're dealing with money, you want something secure. A text file is not secure. It's not fast. It's not cached. Can be corrupted easily. Has no relational support. May I ask why you're not going with a database server?

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