Hi again everyone.. Happy New Year. Hope yours was as good as mine.

Would anyone know if Javascript can be used to create complex search queries. I see that you can bring up a Java Console in web browsers such as Chrome and Firefix and I was thinking that with Java Script or some other language you could create a way of making complex search requests?

Do I have this all wrong or can this be done?

Thank you so much

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ooh.. sorry about that. Unclear. What I mean is that lets say I want to search google for
something which contains the word "car" and "boat" together. I would search like this
"car"+"boat" in the google search box. Maybe I would want to search on the date it was listed on the web as well but I can't do that via the google search box.

I'm thinking of anything that I can't search for using the google search box thats all.


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