i am developing a hit counter in my web application to increase whenever a new user visits my website so that i will now the number of hits from different users so far. but the problem is that it is increasing even though it is the same ip address

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How did you implement the counter? Are you handling the IP?

yes i am getting the ip by using

 <% out.println("Your IP address is: " + java.net.InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostAddress());%> 

and the hit counter is implemented :


                Integer applicationCount = (Integer) application.getAttribute("applicationCount");
                if (applicationCount == null) {
                    applicationCount = new Integer(1);
                } else {
                    applicationCount = new Integer(applicationCount.intValue() + 1);

                application.setAttribute("applicationCount", applicationCount);

I'm mot a Java expert but it appears to me that the method you are using to maintaining a hit counter depends on your application server remaining uninterrupted. It you restart services, you will loose the count??

Since you want to incorporate handling the IP, i woukd tend to think that it may be a better solution to store the information in some type of data source, such as a data as a table.

@missc why trying to reinvent the wheel when there are tons of hit counters, beside they are obsolete and misleading. Secondly I want to cry any time I see anyone writing snipets in JSP...

how can i do it in other way ?

i think you have to use session varibale(or cookie variable) to store your site views.


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