Hi guys,

like you might already know, domain renewal fee in enomcentral is $39 per year, so i wanted to transfer out my domain from enomcentral to namecheap or godaddy

i already tried ordering transfer in namecheap 2 times, but still failed, its says

Reason for Cancellation :
Canceled - Invalid EPP/authorization key - Please contact current registrar to obtain correct key

screenshot :

the EPP/authorization key should be right, i only copy paste it directly from email page to namecheap transfer page
screenshot the EPP/authorization key are received to my email :

Note About lock
Here are screenshot of General settings page in enomcentral, you can see Registrar-Lock is disabled, i already do this few weeks a go

but i tried do whois check in domaintools.com today, its says still Locked, it is true or not, its should be says Unlocked

please help what is the solutions guys?
- is it because the EPP/authorization key, have special character on it that is "(", and namecheap cant handle it? i still not yet try the transfer using godaddy, if you recommending me try godaddy too, i will try it, i am only afraid it will failed too before

  • enomcentral.com renewal is $39, but i read enom.com reseller renewal is only about $9, do i need to search another person that have enom.com reseller account, push it there and help to renew it?

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is it because the EPP/authorization key, have special character on it that is "(", and namecheap cant handle it?

You need to talk to enomcentral about the EPP/authorization key and how to move domain. It should be in the General settings.

From the images you provided you already unlocked the name and you should receive the EPP code.

or the best solution called Customer Service either for namecheap or godaddy to assist you with the move.

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