I was wondering how we can introduce different languages to this site like Processing.js wich is a JavaScript port of Processing. Processing is built off of Java, but provides programmers and non-programmers alike the instant gratification of instant visual results, with shorts amount of simple code.

Processing.js uses JavaScript to render 2D and 3D interactive content on the HTML canvas element, and is supported by browsers that have implemented this element (the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Google Chrome).

Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/ uses Processing.js in thier Computer Science Section and this community I think would be a great place to build ideas, create and show off, eventually leading to stronger skills in JavaScript.

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Are you advertising KhanAcademy?
Are you suggesting that Daniweb uses processing.js to build visuals?
Or are you sharing the love with regard to processing.js?