I am fetching data from mysql database and using it.but one column 'added_on's value is not fetching other row values of corresponding to 'added_on' value is previewing correctly.i am using it simply echo $vrow['added_on']; .

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And the PHP code that you are trying to retrieve a DB rs ?

the code is

         $vquery="SELECT * FROM rt_transaction WHERE added_on>=Unix_Timestamp(".$date1.") AND added_on<=Unix_Timestamp(".$date2.") AND rt_owner_id='".$_POST['owner']."'";
         $vresult=mysql_query($vquery) or die(mysql_error());

        while ($vrow=mysql_fetch_assoc($vresult))
        $wquery="SELECT rt_user_name FROM rt_user WHERE rt_user_id='".$vrow['rt_owner_id']."'";
        $wresult=mysql_query($wquery) or die(mysql_error());


        $pdf = new PDF();

the problem the added_on column is used on 31st line.can any body help me?

i think problem is in your query check it you put wrong symbol may be

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