I was following series of tutorials


5 part is not finished yet. BUt I 4 parts are done.

In 5th part there is written about .net, but I want to use php.

The problem is - application worked fine when I was not using php - only html and js files. When I moved html to the codeigniter framework view file, I had to make few adjustmends - move script tags upper because otherwise for some unknow reason scripts were not redered.

Now scripts are redered as I see in view source. But I am getting error:

GET http://localhost/backbone_contacts_manager/%3C%=%20photo%20%%3E 400 (Bad Request)

where is that weird url coming from?

I found out that in this functiom

renderContact: function (item) {
            var contactView = new ContactView({
                model: item

when I comment out line


then I am not getting the error.

But now I don't know what to do to make it work. Can you help me?

The js and html files are here:


found out where the error came from:

_.templateSettings = {

// interpolate: /\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g // {{ }} syntax for templating insteat of of <%= property %>


even when this was commeted out, template did not recognize the tags. So I had to comment out all _.templatesettings and then it used default regex for recognizing tags.

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