Evercookie - looks intrusive - I don't think I'd want it on my machine. Persisting data should be done with sessions IMO.

I completely agree; As stated on the wikipedia, its used for marketing purposes. But I just want this to work. Really dont care how :)

The issue here is not the code we're looking at. The previous code I gave you, as you said, worked. We can take out the issue of having a persistent storage for calle, those codes are intended to prove that the session retains.

There's quite a small opening for us to conclude the problem here was recent code we have, since the posted code, already works. The issue was there's a part of you code or process that changes and the session calle also. And I assume it was another framework.

Well I simply do not know where to even look anymore. I do know there was a point in all this testing that it actually did work; The only moment that it did not work was when I changed the value of the drop box....it stayed the same value.

I posted the code that did work and I put it again but not it doesnt work. Thats why this problem is so confusing and simply makes no sense....

I think my best shot is to implement that Evercookie as this will work across all sites.

Hi Riahc3,
Saw some issues with Magento's sessions. Hope these helps.

Magento Session Issue
Magento Session Issue 2

Man, we sure made a lot of pages on this thread. We're on page 4. LOL

Yes, I agree with some of the comments on that thread.....I believe Magento has a hidden "session_start" somewhere and me calling it twice is kind of the problem.....Obviously debugging this is very difficult but...

OK..........i think it is that...........

The problem is now when I try to change the value, I cannot. It only gets the initial value it is assigned to....

Lets try to analize a bit the problem some more. Ill post some variables up.

page 1:
frontend (Cookie, value 1)

page 2:
frontend (Cookie, value 1)
PHPSESSID (session, value 2)

page 3:
frontend (Cookie, value 1)
PHPSESSID (session, value 2)

Does this mean anything?

OK, Ive switched to cookies which seems to do it on my local server, but doesnt work on the production server....

Done.....I was able to do it with cookies.....

Its too bad we couldnt do this with sessions...

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