Hi everyone, im trying to print getAktiva() but it return an error:
"Fatal error: Call to protected method indukPerusahaanABC::getAktiva() from context '' in C:\xampp\htdocs\sad.php on line 41"

Thanks in advance

    class indukPerusahaanABC{
        protected $nama;
        protected $jenis;
        protected $alamat;
        private $aktivaLancar;
        private $aktivaTetap;

        public function __construct($nama, $jenis, $alamat){
            $this->nama = $nama;
            $this->jenis = $jenis;
            $this->alamat = $alamat;
            $this->aktivaLancar = 35000000000;
            $this->aktivaTetap = 55000000000;

        public function getNama(){
            return $this->nama;

        public function getJenis(){
            return $this->jenis;

        public function getAlamat(){
            return $this->alamat;

        protected function getAktiva(){
            return $this->aktivaLancar+$this->aktivaTetap;

    $induk = new indukPerusahaanABC('CBA', 'Kredit', 'Jakarta Pusat');
    echo "Perusahaan Induk: ".$induk->getNama()."<br/>";
    echo "Bidang Area/Pekerjaan: ".$induk->getJenis()."<br/>";
    echo "Alamat Perusahaan Induk: ".$induk->getAlamat()."<br/>";
    echo "Aktiva Perusahaam Induk: Rp ".$induk->getAktiva()."<br/>";

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I think this may be the reason for your error:


protected function getAktiva()

essentially this condition means that this proteted class can only be accessed within the originating class (class indukPerusahaanABC) and within all of its eventual subclasses.

If you want to use this function outside the object make it public.

public function getAktiva(){
    return $this->aktivaLancar+$this->aktivaTetap;

This is usually the purpose of the get functions (getters): to get the data stored in protected or private variables.

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