I am interested in working with web design and designing websites, I have made a website using the trials of adobe dreamweaver CS6 and adobe fireworks CS6, however I cannot afford to buy these softwares, I need a free web design program for HTML editing, like dreamweaver, and a free photo editing software like adobe fireworks or Photoshop. What do you guys use? What would you recommend? What is the best free software for my needs?

Thanks. Mat :)

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GIMP is the open source equivalent to Photoshop, but don't expect it to be as user friendly. I'm not familiar with the latest HTML packages. try searching Google. I use NetBeans if you're interested, though it's more of an IDE for PHP than a website designer like Dreamweaver.

Il be sure to download GIMP, thank you. Know i just need web design software.

If you are running a Windows workstation, Microsoft has a few free IDEs.

Visual Studio Express for Web (mainly for asp.net web applications, but HTML, JavaScript, CSS is good as well.)

Web Matrix (a more generic IDE for developing in HTML, ASP.NET, Razor, PHP, etc..) - I do not particularly care for it, but its a simplier IDE than Visual Studio.

Well, if you are using a Mac or using Windows 8, you can always launch their stores and see what free softwares they have going on :)

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