Hi All, i was just wondering that can i store the data of a form using html,javascript. firstly i thought of using localstorage or session storage in html but if i save the data in my form others cant see the data if they open that page, and if i use xml i cant write into xml file because javascript wont allow to write data into computer file system it could be a huge security flaw. is there to any way store my data..if any could someone help me out please..

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The only way to store that in the client with only JS is cookies. If you have an server-side script you can store in a session object or an database.

HI praveen_dusari,

I can't grok on the whole point in the middle of your thought, but I'll just isolate and answer this "is there to any way store my data." Until you gave and clarify your whole point.

If you're looking for a persistent data storage, you can use the following:

  • As you said, HTML5 localStrorage, too new by the way.
  • Persisted data from server passed as hidden input tag or thru ajax.
  • Use http cookies
  • Use flash cookies or LSOs
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