I having been working on java web-start applet for serial communication which I now need to integrate and make it invoke able from an ASP .NET webpage / application.

I have tried numerous ways of doing this which all have not yielded anything progressive. including but not limited to the jws deployment script and the ASP applet tag.

The applet is signed, and will be deployed in a secure zone.

I just need it to work on IE (for now), further cross browser compatibility will be developed as time goes by.

using a simple static HTML page, the browser can load the applet quite successful, but 'always' fails to load on a dynamic ASP .NET page. with that, the place holder for this section has no dynamic HTML output, would it be better if I generated this html dynamically ? I don't know, I just need t get this done and move on.

Any advice would help.

I know, from my experience messing with system resources from web / connected applications in not ideal but I have been told the "just make it work that way" phrase which I believe most of you have came across.

Besides security concerns and values, to make this work am I missing something ?

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Besides security concerns and values, to make this work am I missing something ?

You when you ask for an opinion or suggestion try to list it by 1, 2, 3 and etc. It's bit hard to understand your sequence.

I m learning applet,can you please explain me how to write code for event handling in applets

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