I've got 4 great ideas for websites that I'd like to make. I've created the layout of each within photoshop, however, I have no real experience with html/css/php/javascript so that I could actually bring it into code.

  1. Where's a good place to start learning web design/development (html/css/php/javascript)?
  2. Would you recommend any good books?


Hello and welcome to DaniWeb.

I don't wish to be rude, but please search a little bit in this forum and you'll you find a lot of great answers to your questions.

There's a similar post about learning and starting with Web Developemnt every week.

We're here to help and instruct, but, and I think I can say it for the most of us, aswering the same question over and over again suck the life out of us.

Here are some topics that may help you:








Ps.: I don't think that daniweb seach is good enough, so I use google to find what I want, like this:
learn javascript site:DaniWeb.com
learn css site:DaniWeb.com
learn PHP site:DaniWeb.com

Hope it helps and you learn a lot =)

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