im looking for code for a forum

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Tried Google?

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yes i did

You're obviously not looking hard enough. There is plenty of free forum software out there.

Let me just name a few free forum softwares off the top of my head, MyBB, PHPBB, Phorum, FluxBB, miniBB, Vanilla Forums, and thats just a few.

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Don't feed the bears.

ever thought about asking questions that we can help you with? obviously giving you the answer would be dumb because you obviously didn't try out google or its cousin bing and yahoo...

Have you guys stopped to consider that the OP is a student from Zimbabwe? Perhaps he doesn't speak/write english well. I find the condescending, elitist, attitude at daniweb apalling. Perhaps that's why I seldom visit and have never posted. Kudos to NardCake for attempting to answer the OP.

As for me, my preference is phpbb ( but there are many good forum systems out there.

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While you make a valid point that contributors should make an effort to help posters with their issues, it is also a point that we should encourage posters to help themselves, as outlined in our member rules. This particular question is almost impossible to answer as it doesn't state if custom code is required or a recommendation for open source or paid software. Whether a poster can speak English or not, it is assumed that most people are able to ask meaningful questions, even if poorly worded. Contributors can always ask for further clarification if the grammar is difficult to follow.

Forums such as DW have their fair share of fly-byers, who post and never return, lazy coders who want to be given everything on a plate, as if it's their God-given right... the list goes on. I'm not however saying that this is necessarily the case here, but it does have the attributes of a 'gimme' post. If you look at the solved / rep stats of regular contributors on this forum, I think you'll find that they're extremely helpful individuals, who support others free of charge, in their own time.

Posters who ask relevant, 'answerable' questions are almost always rewarded. I hope you do not find this response condescending, as it's certainly not meant to be.

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