Hi friends,
I tried to implement this features in my system
I understand that I need to change the basedir
$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/phpmenu/menu/tail.php' but when I upload to the server
(some more files as in readme.txt)

It was successful in the previous server.
the url : (just example) mysistemname.uat.ac.de
now when I upload to the different server, nothing appears
url: computing.uat.edu.my/~sabar/mysistemname

I put all files in a folder phpmenu.

Any suggestion on how should I solve this problem
Million thanks for your help

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*The document root directory under which the current script is executing, as defined in the server's configuration file. *

Are you sure url to file system mapping is correct?

the url is correct

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now when I upload to the different server, nothing appears

You need to reupload the original files to the different server instead of transfering the same files from one server to another.

The configuration change so that's why nothing happend.

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