Inline Code Example Herei have a page defalt.aspx
<div id="content"></div>

and i have genereated dynamic div through jquery reference to id "content"

    var a=$("#content");
    $(a).append("<div class="scrollbar"><%--some content here-----%></div>")

this above jquery work fine and seen in inside the "content" when i run the default.aspx

but i have make a another jquery funtion on another jquery file
where i have define the "scrollbar" funtion

the problem is that the jquery function "scrollbar" is not call in the "content".

any one who can solve the problem......................!

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There's a couple of syntax errors in your code, try like this:

    var $a = $("#content");
    $a.append('<div class="scrollbar"><%--some content here-----%></div>')

And I'm assuming that yout scrollbar function uses the class scrollbar to add the functionality. But keep in mind that the function must be called after this append.

so many errors friends in this jquery

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