If I make a website using Django, is there any need to use Javascript? Can Django work in place of Javascript itself?

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Is Javascript needed if I am designing a website using Django?

Yes, like most websites javascripts has been part of web designing.

Read this if you decided to used javascripts on Django:


Thank you for the link.
No, I don't want to use javascript on Django only unless it is necessary. I mean, can't Django code work in place of javascript code. Or both perform completely different functions?

Django is written in Python which AFAIK only is server side, for web applications (It can be used client side but there is few support on browsers or it does not come out of the box) . Javascript is client side and supported on all browsers out of the box.

Thanks riahc3. You mean, all the Django(Python) code is for the server side and for client side, javascript is needed. Thank you. Now, I need to learn Javascript also.

the Django(Python) code is for the server side

Yes, this is what I meant. Im almost sure that in Django the Python code is server side.

I don't understand why use JavaScript when all the forms and other things could be validated on Django also?

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