I have a bash script that executes @ init level 3.
I would like to "wrap" (for lack of better word) this bash script in a php script.
Use the power of php to supress any output from the bash.
Also display only the splash logos (like what you see when Windows is loading for example).

Any questions? i am waiting for them?

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Maybe use exec() or shell_exec()?
I haven't tried this.

I am using "exec() or shell_exec()" within my c++ program to execute a bash script
Most likely this will work great. May I ask if someone can provide a simple example of code that includes exec() or shell_exec() & shows how to specify what file & where?

Also... Will someone please post a simple example of code... or maybe a good resource to peek @... for the displaying a splash logo wile running the php script.

Third question... How do i stop the program and ask for input, then continue on?

Fourth Question... How do i supress ALL output? Bash is able to supress mostly all output, but i hope to use php to supress ALL. Now i have heard that by default all output is supressed... so maybe my question is answering itself?

Furthermore! This is running on Debian in cli mode...

crazy of me... i was thinking of Perl! not php LOL... silly me

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