I really don't know where to ask something like this, so sorry for this.
I have an issue and I really don't know how to solve it.
I have php "file upload script", which users uploading files all the times, now the server is nearly full an I want to link another server with my script, so when users upload files, every time its uploaded to another servers and all information stored in one main database, and this is my second problem.
can someone to show me the salvation way to solve this ?

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linux offers you with a logical shared volume.
Step 1: Google "Linux logical volume"
Step 2: Research syntax for mounting drives @ external & or internal i.p. address, w/ user&pass.
Step 3: Google "Linux symbolic link"
Step 4: Research syntax for symbolic links.
Step 5: Create a logical volume containing all your drives on all your servers, in house or external.
Step 6: Create a symbolic link & point to your new logical volume & from where your users upload.
Step 7: wash rinse repeat

Yep Naphets logic seems right.
If you have a decent hosting providing, you could ask them to mount in another hard drive, create your folder structure on here, then create a symlink folder in your httpdocs (or something similar to htdocs, etc.) for your site that points to that new folder on the mount drive. So your web files will live on mount A and your files will live on mount B. Coding wise nothing should really change and any reference you have to the folder to where the files are currently held will be referenced to the new mount.

I did something like this ages ago on Linux and recently on Windows too.

I think I must Study alot for these things , thanks for help

For simplicty sake... Think of it in terms of, a shortcut icon on a desktop that takes you to a folder eslewhere. Except this shortcut is unbeknownst to your users.
It simply points your folder (which you said is maxed out)... To as many other partitions, on as many other drives, on as many other computers, on as many other networks.. as you like.
Seemlessly it appears as a single sspace, and caluclates free space the same.
You also are given the ability to use raid technology, which will complicate everything, but maintain redunancy.

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