i want to add two dropdown boxes one for the make of the vehicle and one for the model of the vehicle.

first the user need to select a make of the vehicle and then when he selects it only the models relevent to the make should display in the other drop down box

how do i do this restriction

appreciate a reply


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Where do you plan on storing the data for the selections? You want to do this client side with a predifined list, client side with Ajax to make a call back to a server side script, or purely server side using asp.net, php?

i am trying to put the data in the jsp page itself

so the the data is stored in the database and when the page load i want to retrieve from the DB and display n a dropdown box in the jsp page

<form id ="removeCustomerForm" action="RemoveCustomer" method="post">
            <tr><td>Customer ID:</td><td>         
                    <select name="year">
                        <c:forEach var="customer" begin="0" items="${requestScope.customerIDList}"></c:forEach>
            <input type="submit" value="Remove"/>

in the above code customerIDList contains the customer id's. when i call the jsp page nothing is displayed in the drop down box. so how do i call a servlet page tpp load the drop down box of the jsp page

appreciate a reply

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