I want to extract content of a website found between some specific html tags.How can i achieve that with php.
For e.g consider viewing google.com soure code.I want to extract data with <title> </title> tags and store it in a variable(its "Google" in this case)

Bascially script navigates to google.com and then extract data within the <title> </title> tags. I though of using fopen and fread but this would take all webpage content and isn't efficient.

Any better solution

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You'd need to download most of the content anyway, or in blocks, because you can't know where in the HTML the title is. If fopen is allowed, you can read a block, and then use a preg_xxx or XML function to get the title. If fopen isn't allowed, try cUrl. A working example can be found on StackOverflow already.

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I know exact where is the title tag for the sites that i need.{i mean the line number}
Give me link for example
Greetz pritaeas


There is a php class called simple html DOM parser that can also help you achieved this task. For google, they have a custom search API, however this have a limit of 100 quieries per day and they want a fee of $5 per 1000 queries, for up to 10,000 queries per day.

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nice parser - thanks for sharing
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