Good Day Guys,
I am working on a web application and I am not that really good in JQUERY/JAVASCRIPT
but I am really interested to learn on that part of web development.

Here is the scenario, I have menus that corresponds on records statuses
Example this is the menus I am talking about,
New Registration
For Visit

Then when I click on the link (New Registration, For Visit), A panel will open and display the records on a particular status. Well I do not want to reload the page, It's just it will load another panel on the right that will display records corresponds to that.

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciated it.

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So there are a few ways you can do this but it sounds like you want to open a modal pop-up. There are quite a bit of examples on line.

Without more information about your site, its really hard to advise you.

Not a modal pop up, its more like a panel side by side. Like when you search in google, there are arrows pointing to right which where you can view the preview of the page.

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