Hi everybody, I have this really little piece of code wich I want to implement inside wordpress:


I simply need how or where to put the "function" and how to call it from a post in wordpress.

Any idea? really thanks!

PD: I'm loading all scripts from google's cdn and as far as I know its not necessary to load any other jquery cos wordpress its loading also its own version, anyway I'm not 110% sure about this.

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Add this little jquery action in wordpress using button

Have you try post this question in WordPress forum because the reason why I ask it's their product/platform.

You can get a more direct answer because WordPress forum should have alot of questions that is similiar to your questions.

Plus, you can look for a jquery plugin for WordPress.

Sorry but I can't find Wordpress forum in menus :/ I don't want to use a plugin I want to manage it in theme where I when I want/need, Can you please show me where is WP forum? (really I can't see it :( )


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