I am working on a tooltip which shows the content in tooltip if present.
But the code I am using shows the empty tooltip even the content returned is empty.
I don't want to show tooltip or qtip when the content is empty.. :(
Here's my code

echo "<td class='tr' bgcolor='#ffffff' align='center' width='25'><a id='$i $month $year' class='buttonbar' target='_blank' \"><font $class>$i</font></a></td>";

$(document).ready(function () {
$('.buttonbar').each(function() {

            content: {

                title: tooltip_ajax($(this).attr('id'))

                //title: 'Store ' + $(this).attr('id') // Use the ALT attribute of the area map

        style: {
                width: 200,
                padding: 5,
                background: '#ffffff',
                color: 'black',
                textAlign: 'left',
                border: {
                    width: 7,
                    radius: 5,
                    color: '#ffffff'
                tip: {
                    corner: 'topLeft', // We declare our corner within the object using the corner sub-option
                    color: '#ffffff',
                    size: {
                        x: 20, // Be careful that the x and y values refer to coordinates on screen, not height or width.
                        y : 18 // Depending on which corner your tooltip is at, x and y could mean either height or width!

            hide: {
                fixed: true,
                delay: 100


        function tooltip_ajax(date) {
        result = ""; 
        var str = date.split(' ');

        $.ajax ({
            type: "POST",
            url: "popup.php",
            data: {day: str[0], month: str[1], year: str[2]},
            async: false,
            success: function(data) {
            if (data != 0) {
            result = data;
        return result;


You are misusing IDs for something they were never meant too - don't do that!

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