I have a web app which is in the Google marketplace. When user adds the app, it creates account for that user. I also want to import all the other accounts from that domain and as I understand it can be done by accessing the Provisioning API. How do I access the data with my apps OAuth key and secret? The permissions are set successfully by manifest.


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I assume it's OAuth 2.0. Do you have any experience with OAuth??

I suggest you check out the DaniWeb API. We also support OAuth 2.0, and we have a code snippet demo and example that you might be able to manipulate to work with the Google Marketplace instead.

Ok, I managed to create an OAuth workflow, however, when I try to get the code, I get invalid redirect uri error. I tried to register the url in the apis console. Normally there's OAuth client ID info with keys and redirect uri options, however, for marketplace apps this section is empty (in the marketplace vendors profile there is a key and a secret). How can I specify a redirect uri for marketplace apps?

You don't register the URI with your application. You just have to use the same URI in both places within the OAuth flow, and make sure that URI resides on the same domain name that you registered your app.

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