Hi guys I need some explanation from you experts on php.I succeeded in installing MySql vers.5.5, workbench, myPhpAdmin and Wamp Server.I gave up installing Apache, too complicated, I use IIS7 anyway and works fine.All these tools work fine, I can create databases, tables, update them etc.and I am doing all the tutorials about php.Now I have this problem. Usually I start Wamp server and then I open the command Line Client,type my root password and I am in business.Sometimes though when I insert the password and push enter I get a loud beep, the prompt disappears and I cannot get connected.I usually restart the PC and works, this happens not a lot but enough times.From this prompt I can view all the databases, tables etc. If I just type mysql,exe in the run box I get the prompt without having to insert the password and works fine. Except it does not show all the databases that I have created, just mysql and test.Why is that? I appreciate your help, thanks.

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I sincerely don't know the cause for your problem, but when the problem occurs you can try somethings:

-> Stop and Start the MySQL Service (run -> net stop mysql; net start mysql)
-> Force kill MySQL ( run -> taskkill /IM mysql.exe /T /F)
-> Restart IIS ( run -> iisreset ), maybe something from PHPMyAdmin is stuck on mysql
-> Verify if there's something else "stuck" on task manager (something from Wamp)

Beside that, I'll suggest something else.

Instead of using Wamp Server, wouldn't be better to install all the components your self?
I have the following setup:
-PHP installed and configured on IIS
- MySQL Administrator

The setups are not difficult, just follow the instructions and google the problems =)

I never installed PHPMyAdmin, but I shoudln't be hard.

@Fiorentino01^ :- As per the error i can see,i think so you have installed wampserver and then installed mySQL.This is creating problem as wamp server has mySQL service in it's installation process.So if you install MySQL seperately,then the problem is due to wrong credential.
Check which service is activated.You might have used different password for both so it is behaving in this manner.

  • Better uninstall the external MySQL you have installed
  • open my-huge.ini found at installation path of MySQL,and change

    password = your_password

to set password.

Thanks it looks complicated and I am not too expert, I don't want to screw up and have to reinstall everything was not easy but I did it and everything works pretty good I think I'll leave it as it is, I'll just use the command line client or phpMyAdmin.Maybe I can try to uninstall wamp server and reinstall it that is easy enough for me to do what you think?

Yes I installed mysql first and gave it a root password,then I installed wamp server and myPhpAdmin I don't remember in which order and used a different password with myPhpAdmin.I don't want to uninstall everything I don't dare, everuthing is working pretty good and I can do my tutorials, maybe when I'll be more expert I'll do that.Thanks for your help.

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