Actually i've a page named(vehicle.php) inside apache server and Java api page (someheader://someip:someport/track/Track?page=map.fleet) inside tomcat server. I created a Restful Webservice in PHP using this link ""
And then i sent a username and password from apache server to the java api through webservice, it sends the request correctly and the Java api verifies the username and password and sends back the response page to the webservice. When i call a response function inside webservice from my php page and echoed , it simply prints the values from the api without any scripts and images and links and If i click on any of the link it shows page not found.

I checked the headers using Firebug it shows the response code 404 not found for js and images. It actually checks for those files and images in apache server but they are inside tomcat.

Can anyone tell how to open the response in the browser after am sending the request. Response should load the images and scripts from Java api not from apache server.

If there is any way to solve my problem let me know guys.

Help me.....



This is probably because you echo out the response from another server, yet you do not have the required images/css on your server.