Hi..All..I want to design a n tire architecture in my application.I've gone through many sites and have understood the concept but I don't how to start it.
I've very basic questions like..how do I create the layer and How do I connect between the layers..
Would you please help and if you have any sample coding(VB.NET) pls send it to me..

No one is going to send you any code, as that totally defeats the spirit of a forum.

"n-tier architecture", with various "layers", is a philosophical thing. In terms of actual coding, all it really means is that you organize things in a logical manner.

For example, all the code to interact with your database, should be in its own class. To write something to a database, your application would use the members of your "db" class.

to make an application as n tier, first you need to design all layers its just paper work, what database or how many tables require then create your database, once you create all tables or you database now you have to create front end of your apllication so create view of you application whatever your application reqiurements then now make controls which are used in the application.

actually n tier architecture is talk about the separete layers, like you need to create data components seperate from your code behind logic, and your front end page, you just need to connect or use all components where ever need it in code part.