I'm making a music database, and I need to list 20 tracks. Currently, Im typing the following code 20 times:

<a href="music/<%=rs1("artist") %>/<%=rs1("album") %>/01%20<%=rs1("Track1") %>.<%=rs1("ext") %>"><%=rs1("Track1") %></a><br>

replacing 01 and Track1 with 02, 03, 04 Track2 Track3, Track4 etc.

Now, I tried using the for loop like this:

for i= 1 to 20
<a href="music/<%=rs1("artist") %>/<%=rs1("album") %>/<%=i%>%20<%=rs1("Track1") %>.<%=rs1("ext") %>"><%=rs1("Track1") %></a><br>


But when I change the <%=rs1("Track1") %> to <%=rs1("Track"&<%=i%>) %>

it doesn't work . What am I doing wrong here? Do let me know. Thanks