I'm a .Net Developer and I just want to seek opinions about Avaya IQ Data Export SDK, I'm trying to create a website that will reflect real time data from Avaya and I just want to make sure that Avaya IQ Data Export will help me solve my problem, I already read the information about this software but I just want to make sure that it is reliable and it can really export data from Avaya to a website real time. Thank you.

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Am not sure what Avaya is, but wouldn't you be better off asking this question in their support forum (assuming they have one)?

Tnx sir for giving out your opinion. It's actually a phone widely used in call centers, employees need to login to Avaya to take in calls. I think you're right, I should be asking their support directly for that kind of information. I'm just checking out if there are other developers here who have done this kind of project. Thank you again sir.

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