i have 5 fields that show a numeric amout.
vb.net allow me to format the value from example 1000 to 1,000 using this code.
wn = iff2TextBox.Text
iff2TextBox.Text = wn.ToString("N0")
fields names below shortened for example.
my javascript gets run any time iif2, fir2 or fad2 fields get changed.
originally i did not have the field formated with commas and the script ran net2 = parsint(dem2) - parsint(iif2) - parsint(fir2) - parsint(fab2);

but users want it to show commas. then i found out parsint can not handle "," as a field value of 750,123 would now come back with 750 so i now had to used "remove" command to remove commas (is there a better way?).
but i can not seam to find a javescript command to set the value of the field to show commas. am i just blind?
is there a better way of doing this?
i would think javascript could handle something as basic as this.

There are a couple of scripts here that may help you out.

thanks, that will do the trick..

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