how can i do?

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Try to explain what you want in more detail please, your question is vague.

m devloping one support system in that i assign technician for soulving tha bug that customer facing
so,, i want to do the if customer send mail for query that mail will be transfer to the assign technicain in that the that technician who have less mail ..
and that customer mail directly assign to technician who have less mail

So, customer sends an email to and you want to have a script that checks that incoming email address, and forwards that email to one of your technicians, namely the technician with the least emails already sent to him.

  1. You need to store somewhere how many emails each technician has received already.
  2. You'll need a cron job (scheduled task) to check for new emails and decide to whom to send it.

Correct so far?

some what is correct
i mean when i assing to technicain with the product then customer having problem in that product then that mail to be assing that technicain

i want some coding plzz for idea how ill do that??????????

on product id i ll assing the thechnicain if product is anroid mobile then the mail coding will be write nd then user will select anriod's product then the mail shoud be sent to that assign technician...
that way...

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