This is probably a tall order; need some input from the talented folks hanging out here. I'm really just getting started, and blundering my way through the code.

I'm running Win XP Pro/1024 X 768; my wife Win 2000 Pro/1024 X 768. I'm going to include the code I'm using, and on both our computers everything lines up well. However, if someone comes along with 800 X 600 it's gonna' be scrunched up. My thinking is I might use basic tables with the exact positioning code in that for a container, but I'm not sure what to put. Using the code I did it still rides on top of the table. So, what I need is some input for getting this stuff into the containers, and setting it up for any res with the layout staying the same.

<title>Bellevue Grace Assembly of God</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
function MM_reloadPage(init) { //reloads the window if Nav4 resized
if (init==true) with (navigator) {if ((appName=="Netscape")&&(parseInt(appVersion)==4)) {
document.MM_pgW=innerWidth; document.MM_pgH=innerHeight; onresize=MM_reloadPage; }}
else if (innerWidth!=document.MM_pgW || innerHeight!=document.MM_pgH) location.reload();
// -->

<body topmargin="5" background="">

<!-- 1 --><table align="center" width="720" height="700" border="0" bordercolor="0" cellpadding="0">

<!-- NAVBAR -->
<tr valign="top"><td width="160" valign="top">
<!-- 2 --><table align="left" width="170" height="700" border="0" bordercolor="#FF9900" bgcolor="#FFDBE0"><tr valign="top"><td valign="top">
<div id="Layer1" style="position:absolute; left: 140px; top:7px; width:33px; height:33px; z-index:1">
<img src="" width="33" height="33"></div>
</td></tr><!-- 2 --></table></td>

<!-- BODY LAYOUT -->
<td valign="top"><!-- 3 --><table align="right" width="550" height="700" border="0" bordercolor="#00FF00" cellpadding="5" bgcolor="#F0E68C"><tr><td>
<div id="Layer1" style="position:absolute; left:829px; top:7px; width:33px; height:33px; z-index:1">
<img src="" width="33" height="33"></div>

</td></tr><!-- 3 --></table>

<!-- 1 --></td></tr></table>

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

I dont get what you are trying to do... are you trying to make the table size to be the same for any screen size???

That is it, but since my post I've discovered that's not going to happen. I'm just getting into this stuff, and sometimes it's mind boggling. I must have been thinking that exact positioning would make placement the same no matter the res. I understand the only way that can happen is to set up a "container," and I haven't quite figure that out yet. Thank you for your post, but the code I set up really isn't applicable any longer. Every thing has changed, and frankly I haven't the foggiest idea what I'm going to have to do yet. It all started with rounded corners that, of course, wouldn't stay in place. I now understand why, but I'm in a personal state of coding anarchy and confusion at the moment.
Thanks again, BuddyB