i am providing todo list feature to my users , on my website,
users put their task and select time to do it, e.g. Hair cutting, 28-03-2013 06:00 PM

now want to send them email or sms as soon clock hits 05:45,
so how it would be ? how would i do it ? i tried to figure it out but couldn't :(

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Whats up bro?

Either create a stored procedure on your MSSQL DB that would can run from a scheduled SQL job on a routine basis (low tech, easy to implement solution), or write a conse app that you can install as a service on the server running in the background ..

Hmmm, maybe create an aspx page that handles this separately and have a cron job call this page at certain intervals. This page will query the DB looking for entries that need to be emailed.

There are a few sites out there that provide free/paid cron jobs.

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great bro, thanks alot
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