I have been looking into ways I to cut down on MySQL Querys in a page and I was wandering if you could up to update querys into one mysql_query function like this:

mysql_query("UPDATE table SET val1=val1+1, val2=val2+1 WHERE id = (int); UPDATE table SET val3=val3+1, val4=val4+1 WHERE id = (int)") or die(mysql_query());

*Note: both the (int) values are different.

not sure about the update thing, but in your or die statment you should change it to

or die(mysql_error());

that way you can tell what the error might be that your recieving.

also i dont see a problem with sending various mysql query's its a good way to keep things from getting messy on a single line.

it does become a problem when you have to update 5 or 6 different fields on 5 or 6 different rows when you also have a few selects and an inset into as well

mysql_query() sends an unique query (multiple queries are not supported) to the currently active database on the server (see http://www.php.net/mysql_query for more info)

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try something like this:

mysql_query("UPDATE table1,table2 SET table1.val1=val1+1, table1.val2=val2+1 , table2.val3=val3+1, table2.val4=val4+1 WHERE id = (int)") or die(mysql_error());