Hi my name is Abby, I need some major help. Its spring break and before we left class our teacher gave us a cruel assigment. I need to create 1 btn that makes a div - I need 1 brn that creates text using prompts - I need 1 btn that changes a div element, and I need one button that changes text. I have been working on this for 15hrs and still can't get. I want to enjoy my spring break. Please Help?

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Hi Abby

As a starting point, here's a simple JavaScript example on W3Schools that you might find useful...

The 'Try it yourself' feature on this page will enable you to play around with the code. You'll need to adapt the code to fit your assignment.

Do try experimenting with it. If you get stuck, post some code back here and we may be able to help further.

Is there a requirement whether you could use a framework like jQuery or just the native one?

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Sorry, but asking for help on homework assignments is not supposed to be allowed on the forums. If you actually want to be a developer, do the work, put in the time, or don't bother and get into something else.

If you show examples of your work and where you are stuck, I'd be more than happy to guide you. However, I'm not about to do your homework for you, unless of course you feel like paying me ;)

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