I am design a website for my parents at the moment and am in the process of making a booking form in ASP. The form is displaying correctly(well once its all tidied up etc) in Internet Explorer and even the shoddy AOL browser, however, it is only displaying code when I attempt to load it in mozilla.

Can anyone work out why as I am completly stumped.


Oh and i know the CSS is a bit off and that its not all aligned properly but at this stage really don't care.

ASP itself is not browser dependent.
ASP is interpreted on a server from which html output is sent to the client browser. So no internet browser interprets the actual asp code.
If Mozilla can't display your site smth the matter with the output....

seems as if 1&1(my hosting company) don't have ASP automaticlly turned on but i can't work out how to do it. :(

You won't be able to turn on asp support yourself.
Your hosting company will have to do it for you, or move your hosting to a server that supports it...