I have received many enquiries to develope website using php/mysql or wordpress which can earn daily $25-$35 USD, atleast minimum $15 USD daily.

How is it possible?

For which AdSense gives money, displaying ads or clicks on ads

How to create such revenue generating website?

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I am not sure i understand. Generating revenue is going to depend on how much traffic the site will receive and how many of those visitors click on the ads. Just displaying ads with no clicks isn't going to generate much revenue.

For $15 dollars per day, you will probably need several thousand visitors per day to get enough clicks.

Now, if you have the ability and know how regarding how to build and deploy websites that will generate this type of revenue per day, why would build them for someone else?

Any website can't earn revenue without visitors. If they created a site for you earn it means they design and develop an SEO friendly website which is easily optimized for search engines but later you have to take more effort to generate traffic by providing quality content, services for which they are looking for and try any how to engage them on your website.

Finally, after creation of website select a dominant niche to earn money through adsence and post there quality information, research, tips etc. in order to build audience which regularly visit your website.

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