Finally got this working as it should!

This is the code now

   include 'connect.php';
   $q = "SELECT c.category, c.cat_id,GROUP_CONCAT(s.subcat_id,'|', s.subcategory ) AS sublist FROM categories AS c 
LEFT JOIN subcategories AS s ON c.cat_id = s.cat_id";
if(isset($_GET['subcat_id'])) $q .= " WHERE s.cat_id=".$_GET['subcat_id'];
$q .=" GROUP BY c.cat_id ORDER BY c.cat_id";
   $r = mysql_query($q) or die( 'Could not execute query: ' . mysql_error() );
   $output = '<ul id="nav">';
   while($data = mysql_fetch_array($r)){
      $output .= "<li><a href={$data['cat_id']} class='category'>{$data['category']}</a>";
        $subcats = explode(",", $data['sublist']);
        $output .="<ul>";
        foreach ($subcats as $pair) {
           list($subcat_id, $subcategory) = explode('|', $pair);
           // output link
           $output .= "<li><a href=$subcat_id class='subcategory'>$subcategory</a></li>";
        $output .= "</ul>";
      $output .="</li>";
   $output .= '</ul>';
   echo $output;

Thanks to all who replied..................

Sorry that I didn't get a chance to look at that issue (my work had me busy), but I am glad you figured it out. Good stuff.

No problem man, you were a big help to me.

Thanks again!

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