hi What is the best php editor
I've tried DWcs5

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Depends what OS you are using, personally I would suggest the following, they aren't as advanced as Dreamweaver however they contain everything you need, including syntax highlighting, line numbering and end bracket identification:

Windows - Notepad++ (a favourite of many)
Linux - Gedit (Text Edit)

Notepad++ is my favorite. I don't need a lot, and I like that it is light weight.

From what i learned, there is no such thing as the best... It is all preferences of the user.

From what i know, users like to use Dreamweaver, notepad++, coda 2, komodoedit, textmate, and so on.

I personally enjoy dreamweaver, coda 2, and notepad++

I rather like NetBeans, from the selection of free tools.

I use NetBeans it is better crossplatform and free solution.
NotPad++, gedit and etc. it is text editor.
For writting quality code you must use proffesional IDE.

For writting quality code you must use proffesional IDE.

I disagree. It's not the quality of the tools that matter, it's the quality of the programmer.

commented: I couldn't agree with you more. +3

NuSphere PhpEd but it costs money. It has no rival in speed.
Parses 10s of thousands of lines of php for code completion in seconds.
All others choked on my projects (as in minutes to load).

The best i've seen so far is rapid php by karlis blumentals, the most important feature of this app is that it has syntax validation (ideal for debugging).

Since this thread has been resurrected, I want to add PhpStorm to the list. Not free, but a joy to work with.

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