hey developers

i am facing a new problem and need ur help.

i have a crystal report running perfect but when i press a button to export the report to specific type such as ("pdf", "excel"...)
i got this error.

Error in File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\temp_d5b87b69-0a62-48a7-bb70-0f98fdbf36f2.rpt: Access to report file denied. Another program may be using it.

can anyone help me?

its urget


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Your ASPNET user account very likely does not have permissions to your Window's temp folder. You should create all temporary files within the webroot of your application.

I've never used Crystal Reports (as a PostScript/PDF coder, I create reports directly when needed), so this advice might be off-base: is there an object you need to "close"? If the file handle is still being controlled by some class/method/object in your program, you might not be able to access it. Make sure you do all the necessary housekeeping tasks.


tgreer, thanks dude

u were right, i changed the folder and i managed to export the file.
thanks again



I am facing the same problem.Could you please let me know how to change the folder.please let me know by email [snipped]

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