I'm trying to extract an element's children from an AJAX call, but am having difficulty isolating it. My code is as follows:

function AJAXcomplete(data){
    var result = $(data).find('#productDetails > *');

function getDetails(e){
    var addy = jQ(this).attr("href");
    jQ('body').append('<div id="productDetails"></div>');
    $.get(addy, AJAXcomplete);

jQ('#slides').on('click', '.slideLink', getDetails);

The above should append the children of #productDetails from the AJAX call, and append them to a newly created div of the same id.

I can successfully retrieve the entire AJAX data and append that (tested) but I can't get the element I want. Am I doing something obviously wrong?


var result = $(data).find('#productDetails > *');


var result = $(data).filter('#productDetails').children();

solved the issue.

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