I am generating time with a sql script

$query = "select current_timestamp as time";

When my system time is in 24 hrs format it returns a 24 hr format time. but when it is 12 hrs format it returns a 12 hr format time.

But I want my time to be in 24 hrs format.
Please any one have a technique that I can use to always generate time in 24 hrs format.
Or any convertion and detection script that would help me generate a 12 hr format and convert it to 24 hr format.

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The query should return it as 24 hours format (according to the manual). What do you do with the result of the query?

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yeah it does returns 24 hr format when my system time is in 24 hrs format.

But if it is 12 hrs format I get a 12 hr format time.

It kind of confusing for me cos my app really needs time in 24hr format.


You can decide on the format - you shouldn't be a slave to your server / PC settings.

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