Is there a way to load CSS from the database, I am developing an Ecommerce website for UK in a system in which the user can discuss directly with the suppliers through the inbuilt chat.
Please someone help me by showing the coding, Thanks.

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If you have CSS stored in your database, then you will be able to load it like you would with anything. If you want the CSS to be in a different CSS file and not your HTML you could configure your .css files to be parsed with PHP.


Can't see why you'd want to do this.
Maintenence can be awkward.

Selectively loading a CSS file, based on preference is easy. No need to involve db.


I support bops for his statement. @vannesakate I have one question with you. does this css file in the db was loaded from a folder path just like what DRUPAL selection loading css structure is doing? for example user can upload css file to the location they preferred and can be loaded in browser that changes the view of the browser's design content?

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