I am developing a social networking site.. and implementing chat function. it worked perfectly when tested outside, but when i integrated with my site page, it causes a css class disable.
i am putting

<script src="jquery.js"> </script> 

link at end of page, b4 < /body tag.
following is the code:

<a href="javascript:void(0)" <?php echo 'onclick="javascript:chatBoxOf("'. $cfObject->fullName() . '")"' ?>  data-status="<?php echo $dataStat;?>"><?php echo $cfObject->fullName();?></a>

Here in this code : data-status attribute losts its effect when i put above script tag..
what could be the reason? what is the solution.

someone please help, its urgent

Got the solution. I am replying to my own problem so that other users can also get the soluiton for the same problem.
i put the js file link in between the code (exactly above the requirement). and also put that data-satus attribute at the end of attributes list.
this solved the problem.

mark this as solved then

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