I am working on a website and completely stuck on a paginator/editor... works perfect outside my framework... anyways... I decided to use Iframes

I need to pass a var from main page to an iframe region on same page.

When user is logged into wordpress:
global $current_user;

I need to pass the variable of current_user to my iframe on a SQL query. It works outside the iframe but not within it.

So my iframe includes a php file and a sort function that states "INSERT INTO activitythree VALUES(NULL,'". $current_user->user_login . "','$date','$activity')"

I need current user to be pulled from main page that includes the iframe.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I can't get $val to pass.
echo "<iframe src='http://www.fwactive.com/editor/index.php?user=$val' height='700' width='650'>You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content.</iframe>";

Once it passes then I need to call the SQL query to pull in the varibale passed. Last 2 steps and complete.

$sql = "select * from activitythree";

The $sql will have a where condition to use the $val passed to the iframe.

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